Digital Printing


Digital printing is the process of digitally capturing paper documents by scanning them and then sending the information to a high speed laser printer, creating duplications of originals. Here are a few of the benefits from digital printing:

Crisp black image on high contrast white bond paper
Extremely fast turnaround
Every copy is a "first generation" quality print
Copies can be reduced or enlarged up to 400%
Copies will not fade in sun or over time

>> Capability 1

With our digital process, your copies will usually turn out even better than the original. The Auto-IQ system senses the type and quality of the original and adjusts it's settings to get the best possible quality output. So bring us old faded blueprints or dark sepias and we'll give you a clean crisp copy everytime. Even the traditional blueprints with blue background and white lines can be inverted so you'll get black lines with a clean white background.

>> Capability 2

Since we are scanning your originals, we can keep those images on file for future print runs. Or we can host your drawings on our Online Planroom and you can direct your customers to us for their copies. Instead of a giving them an entire set, they can order just the drawings they need for pickup at a later time.

>> Capability 3

Along with using the digital files from your originals for duplication, our additional scanning services can be incorporated to give you even more value-added solutions. For instance, we can convert your scanned files to a CAD format for editing or we can even put your files on a CD for back-up or easy retrieval. See our Scanning Services for a full list of features.