Our Support

One of the most valuable assets to any architect, engineering firm or construction company is having a supplier that not only provides equipment and supplies but has the knowledge to service their products as well. In keeping with Vesco's commitment to provide the best solution for making our customers as productive as possible the following services are available:

>> Wide-Format Xerox Systems

Vesco has on staff three Xerox Authorized Service Technicians to diagnose and repair any problem with the entire line of Xerox Wide-Format products. From the original 2510 to today's 6204 Document System, here are the services available:

Full Service Maintenance Agreement To avoid costly down time, an FSM agreement covers all parts and labor to keep your Xerox machine running at top performance. Along with an almost immediate response time for repairs, interval cleanings are included.

Time & Materials - For low-volume users that don't require the same maintenance and the FSM agreement provides, repairs can be made on a time and material basis.

>> Wide-Format Inkjet Printers

One of the biggest limitations we have seen of resellers is the ability to provide technical support for wide-format printers. Since the majority of printer problems are software related, end users have always been on their own to try to figure out why they can't achieve their desired output. Vesco's knowledgeable service representatives have solved this disadvantage by offering these services for inkjet printers:

Annual Technical Support Pack - Includes up to 10 hours on site technical support for problems such as driver and network configuration errors.

Hourly Technical Support - For low-end users that don't require as much maintenance, support on an hourly basis is also available.

Vesco can also perform any mechanical repairs that may be needed, thanks to our experienced team of in-house service technicians.