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>> Xerox 6604/6605 Wide Format Solution

printer Brochure and Spec Sheet

The 6604/6605 is a low volume wide format solution ideal for the small to mid-size office. The 6604/6605 is built on the award winning 6204 technology, with added benefits of color scanning and printing at 5 D-size prints per minute. From printing, copying, and scanning all from a one footprint machine, to a giant 15" color touch screen with a straightforward and intuitive interface, the 6604/6605 delivers top performance at an attractive price. It offers 600 dpi scan and print resolution, bond, vellum, and mylar printing capabilities, and full color scanning, enabling you to run big projects quickly and efficiently.

>> Xerox 6279 Wide Format Printer

printer Brochure and Spec Sheet

The 6279 is the newest highly customizable wide format printer from Xerox, with print speeds of 7 to 9 D-size sheets per minute, and a 6 ips scanning speed with the optional on-board scanner. The 6279 is a flexible and productive solution for small to mid-range CAD enviornments. With the new 15" color touch screen interface and the Freeflow AccXES Print Server, the 6279 is more user-friendly than ever. The 6279 comes in 2 roll, 4 roll, and 2 roll/2 tray configurations, and is available as a printer only, or as a copy, scan, and print system. This machine is sure to be a perfect fit in any office.

>> Xerox 6204 Wide Format Document System

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Spec Sheet

The Xerox 6204 is the new classic of the Xerox family, and it's quality can't be matched. The 6204 prints and scans at 600 dpi for sharp, clear images, and the smoothest halftones produced yet. It can produce 5 D-size prints per minute with a first copy out time of 25 seconds. With the AccXES controller option, scanning and printing have never been easier, thanks to the included AccXES Tools. The 6204 has the smallest footprint in its class, which makes it a great fit for any size office.

>> Xerox 510dp Digital Document System

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The Xerox 510dp is a highly scalable, highly affordable printer, scanner, and copier. With speeds of 5, 7, or 10 D-size prints per minute, and 1, 2, or 3 drawer roll feed options, There is a configuration to meet any size office. The 510dp is a reliable machine that can be used as the workhorse in your office, and its ease of use with Xerox's AccXES Tools make it available for everyone to use.

>> Xerox 6050A Wide Format Solution

printer Brochure and Spec Sheet

The Xerox 6050A Wide Format Solution is easy to operate, flexible, and efficient. It can be configured from a printer-only machine to a multifunction powerhouse. The familiar AccXES print drivers make plotting a snap. With a first copy out time of 19 seconds, print speeds of 7 to 9 D-size prints per minute, and a four roll option, the Xerox 6050A will become a valuable member of your office.

>> Xerox 721 Copy/Print System

printer Brochure and Spec Sheet

This small footprint, high-volume workhorse will help you do more, faster and better than ever before. The 721 Print/Copy System will run 22 ANSI D's or 21 Architectural D's per minute, with solid black fills, crisp fine lines, and clean backgrounds. With 99.5% toner utilization and minimum downtime, the 721 has an extremely low total cost of ownership. Add in the color-enabled scanning and the industry-standard FreeFlow AccXES Print Server, and the Xerox 721 becomes an important member of your staff.

>> XES Synergix 8850 Digital Solution

printer The Synergix 8850 Digital Solution set new industry standards in speed and image quality. The advanced technology of each component is designed to compliment and highlight the other to offer superior output. The Synergix 8850 Digital Solution with the powerful AccXES Controller creates a scalable solution that streamlines work processes and maximizes productivity. The 8850 Digital Solution keeps pace with your needs now and in the future with simple software upgrades, downloadable via the web.

>> XES Synergix 8830/8825 Digital Solution

printer With the Xerox 8830 and 8825 you can spend less time on locating, plotting, scanning and copying drawings-and more time on creating, designing and selling you products. The Xerox 8830 is the same multifunctional plotter, copier and scanner as the Xerox 8825 but includes the optional Scan-To-Net feature allowing you to scan all of your legacy documents into a digital format. No more wasted time searching through file drawers for that lost document, pull it up on your computer in seconds!